Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yearnings of a music box doll

I was made by the doll maker and given the name Sweet Visage. He made me perfect in all possible ways.
He told me I was burdened by the name and a secret but I didn't believe.
He said behind my smile lies great darkness indeed.
If I were to survive I was to make merry, spread joy and fix spirits you see.
He made me of the finest porcelain and gave me the prettiest face. I had a dazzling smile that will melt all hearts and make you forget your ails.
He put me on a pedestal and attached a windable music box to me.
O seeker of relief all you need is to find and wind me. Without a word I dance. I dance into you and play with your mind. How you say?
See that poor orphan? I pat on his head and make him see. Life is but a prick that will soon spill into rivers of milk and honey. He believes. He smiles. My music stops.
I quickly seek another in need.
For if the music stops; the darkness rises.
See that old man? I dance into him. I dance with him. Age is but a number my friend. You are forever young. You're dancing with me can't you see? He smiles. My music stops.
See that young man? I dance into him. He dances with me. My smile is contagious. He believes he'll be. The
Hercules he yearns to be. My music stops.
I danced with the sad mother. I wiped the tears. The brother too I gave inner peace.
The writer. The actor. The son. The unborn daughter. They all love me.
I hugged and kissed the boy who lived across the river and that was all he needed to feel. Apollo is his name. I have a soft spot for him. My music stops.
I comforted the father and told him our Lord is forgiving and he slept in peace
My music stops.
But only for seconds because you see I am to fix spirits and my oh my!  There are a lot to be.

Come closer young man as I have to tell you this: I yearn to stop my music and rest. I need to get off the pedestal. To kneel and yell.
Young man can you tell the doll maker to make the music stop? This little sad happy doll needs to mend.
He tells me silly little Visage; Alas if the music stops, your time is done. Hades will creep up and all will be lost. So dance away and say this prayer "forgive me my debts
for I myself forgive everyone who is indebted to me
And lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil. Amen"

So if you ever where to meet and dance with me, please be gentle for as you can see. I am troubled and burdened beyond belief. Just give me your soul and let us dance our misery away.